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Meet the Team

Kelsey Rufiange

Kelsey is the dreamer and idea-generator for Echo Bay Vineyard as well as her experimental line, Else Wines. She is the lead soil-builder, vine balancer, general farm toiler, chicken + duck herder, and of course: our head wine whisperer. Kelsey’s vision is to create a biodiverse vineyard that requires zero inputs from outside sources, and build awareness around soil health and regenerative farming.
Kathy Rufiange

Kathy is our vineyard mama! You can find her caretaking amongst the vines, or toiling away in the garden. She is the lead family and social convenor - and in general, the voice of reason and support around an ever dynamic and busy vineyard.
Mark Rufiange

Mark leads up our business end of things, however this is not to say he doesn’t get his hands dirty! He is our fix-it-man, irrigation expert, logistics ace...and arguably his most important role: our head coffee roaster.
Lynda and Bryan

Apart from being two of the most wonderful people to have graced the Echo Bay property, they are landscaping extraordinaires, and help seasonally, wherever they are needed. Bryan is a jack-of-all-trades, and Lynda is a skillful chef who creates tasty treats from our grapes and wine.

Family History

When the Kenyon’s bought the property in 1967, the former owners had torn out an aging apple orchard and the land was left fallow. In 1978, they planted alfalfa first and a mixture of grasses to raise a few cattle and chickens. A large house was built in 1989 with an apartment on top for them and communal living quarters for the family below. Their 4 children (3 sons + 1 daughter) and their grandchildren would spend the summers here and commute to work.

In 2013 their daughter Kathy and her husband Mark Rufiange felt that they had the time and energy to plant a vineyard in their retirement, and her brothers supported them. Kathy and Mark’s daughter, Kelsey, took a keen interest. Kelsey graduated from Lincoln’s Viticulture and Oenology program and has worked in vineyards and wineries in New Zealand, Sonoma, and Australia before returning to Echo Bay full-time working both the vineyard and winery.