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The symbols used in our label come from synoptic weather charts, where each symbol identifies a state or change in weather conditions.

A synoptic weather chart is a map where data from different weather observations are entered in the form of numbers and symbols. Many kinds of synoptic charts are used for weather forecasting and for studying atmospheric processes. The most common are surface charts, which show data from meteorological observations characterizing the weather at the earth’s surface. Although the days of charting weather by hand are long gone, it's amazing to see how granular and detailed the system was. Click the chart to expand

The word synoptic (or synopsis) is derived from the Greek words ‘syn’ meaning together, and ‘optic’ translating to visible; the forming of a general summary or overview.

Most weather symbols are for determining present weather – what is happening at the time of observation. Most present weather can be visually observed, with the exception of air pressure. When recorded and combined over the course of a year it can help to tell the story of a vineyard, its harvest, and ultimately the wine itself. Echo Bay’s wine is a unique expression of time and place; the elements, terroir, and a family with their own approach to farming and winemaking.