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Else- Piquette

Else- Piquette


What the heck is Piquette?!

Piquette is a throwback to French farmhands who made a second wine from the pomace of previous fermentations. Water was added to rehydrate the skins to ferment a new wine that is lower in alcohol and body.

This particular wine has been bottled early to capture some fermentation CO2 aka bubbles. 

What to expect

Don't expect your typical fruit bomb.  It's light and sparkly, kind of like adding some "brett-y funk" to a cranberry/red current vitamin water. It's weird and wonderful and I'd recommend saving this guy for those hot-hot days of sunshine when you want to get a bit tipsy (but not too tipsy) AND stay hydrated (probably a false claim..)!


Bone dry

Skins of Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot

Alcohol: 8.9%

Sulphites: 0 ppm added


Wine specifications